Car Cover for All Sedans


Sedan car cover for sale. Durable and full coverage solution that helps protect against snow, sun UV, scratch from dust (sand), rain and bird droppings.

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Got a car that you want to keep well protected from the elements? Then our new and improved sedan car cover is just for you. This is a high quality solution for any sedan style cars, made with a universal sedan specific fit.

It is made in Korea, thus our sedan car cover passes the most particular and stringent of regulations and laws in creation. This is a high quality performance solution that offers full and fair coverage of your car.

Not only will the car stay in better condition due to this sedan car cover, but you protect it from long-term damage. Issues such as water damage due to lying wet for some times will become a problem of the past. Therefore, too, will the color and charm of your car becoming faded and lost due to UV lighting. Snow and rain will always be a problem for a car, advancing the speed at which your vehicle can begin to lose some of that luster and shine.

If you would like to avoid that issue, then you can use our rain resistant solution. Our sedan car cover also helps to keep the dust and other forms of debris from lying the car and ruining that beautiful look. Does this sound like what you are looking for? Then make sure your car is dirt free for the long-term!

Key Features Of Our Sedan Car Cover 

  • High quality full coverage solution that helps to cover up your car without issue.
  • Universal sedan fit, making sure this cover should fit with most generic vehicles.
  • Silver grey finish to help make sure it can blend in with most car looks with ease.
  • Waterproofing sedan car cover but also protects your car from UV sun damage and the snow.
  • Dust resistant sheet that will ensure your car stays in top condition underneath.
  • Perfect for preserving a car you only drive during certain seasonal times.

Additional information

Weight 816 g
Dimensions 480 × 180 × 120 cm


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